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Dear Angel-Jobs Spain Community, ensuring your safety and security is our top priority at Angel Jobs Spain. We want to make your job search a smooth and trustworthy experience. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Protecting Your Information: Never share sensitive personal information, such as your bank details or Social Security number, with anyone claiming to be from Angel-Jobs Spain. We will never request such information through email or phone calls.

Beware of Fake Job Offers: Beware of fake job offers! Avoid unwanted emails and calls. Please verify with official Angel-Jobs Spain support before accepting any offer.

Official Communication Channels: We send all official emails from Angel-Jobs Spain via our official email address. You can access them from your Angel-Jobs Spain account dashboard.

Report Suspicious Activity: Protect your Angel-Jobs Spain account using a unique password. Never share it, and update regularly. Angel-Jobs Spain will only request your password in the official login process.

Verify Employers: Before interacting with any potential employer, confirm their legitimacy. Verify company details, website, and contact information. Angel-Jobs Spain offers tools to assist you in researching and connecting with reliable employers.

Stay Informed: Regularly visit our security center for updates and tips to stay safe in your job search. We are committed to informing you about potential risks and providing guidance to protect your interests.

Seven Signs to Identify Fake Job Offers:
• Be wary of job offers you didn't apply; real employers typically contact applicants.
• Beware of scams: high salaries, low requirements, and rapid promotions may need to be revised.
• Be cautious if anyone asks for money for training or materials.
• Watch out for vague job details in fake offers. Verify before proceeding.
• Be careful of potential scams with poor grammar and informal email addresses.
• The recruiter insists on an immediate job acceptance.
• Providing straightforward hiring criteria.

Protect Yourself from Job Frauds:
• Never respond by confirming the legitimacy of the hiring company.
• Never share personal information, like bank account details or passwords.
• Deny the offer if it requires payment for the job.
• Verify the online presence and reviews of the recruitment firm.

If you encounter any suspicious job offers, report them to our security team immediately: